Hunger In Kentucky

There are nearly 700,000 Kentuckians, including nearly 200,000 children, who struggle with hunger. That means 1 in 8 adults and 1 in 6 children in Kentucky lack consistent access to enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Snapshot of households that receive assistance from food banks in Kentucky:

  • 67 percent had to choose between paying for utilities and paying for food, with 32 percent reporting making this choice every month.
  • 91 percent purchased the cheapest food available, even if they knew it wasn’t the healthiest option, in an effort to provide enough food for their household.
  • 65 percent have at least one member who suffers from high blood pressure; 41 percent have someone who struggles with diabetes.

Nearly all (94 percent) of Kentucky’s food bank client households with school-aged children receive free or reduced-price school lunch through the National School Lunch Program. Only one in five Kentucky children who eat free or reduced price lunch during the school year have access to such meals during the summer months when school is out.

In response, Feeding Kentucky food banks help fill the gap in access to food during the summer and throughout the year. Last year the Feeding Kentucky network distributed the equivalent of 72 million meals. Its seven regional food bank members serve all 120 counties in Kentucky in partnership with 800 local charitable feeding organizations. Learn more by visiting