Leader Board

Leader Board as of March 15 (6:45 pm ET):

Government Entity: LFUGC – Department of Law (Lexington) – 2,160 lbs equivalent

Large Firm: Frost Brown Todd LLC – Louisville Office – 46,560 lbs equivalent

Mid-size Firm: Boehl Stopher & Graves, LLP (Louisville) – 11,280 lbs equivalent

Small Firm: Burnside Law, LLC (Portsmouth) – 28,680 lbs. equivalent

Solo Law Firm: Pillersdorf Law Offices (Prestonsburg) – 21,808 lbs. equivalent

Corporate Legal Department: The Glenview Trust Company (Louisville) – 18,096 lbs equivalent

Law School:  UK Rosenberg College of Law Student Bar Association (Lexington) – 6,320 lbs. equivalent


Please note: Bonus points and checks/cash donations will be added at the end of the competition and are not included in the current leader board totals. Winners will be announced April 12 after totals are audited and confirmed.